In case you were browsing the Google Play Store and found supposedly Apple-made mobile apps inside, apps that would be usually found in its own App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch use, then you should probably stay away from them.

They’re almost certainly not Apple-made and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear they contain malware, or that they have been “released” so the maker could collect some quick cash from trusting app buyers. So again, stay away from them!

The list of apps supposedly uploaded by Apple Inc. includes Garage Band, iPhoto, iMovie and the iWork productivity suite (Keynote, Numbers and Pages), as seen in the image above. And if you try to see who Apple Inc. is, you’d be sent to Apple’s official website. But that address is not a valid one. In other words, stay away from them!

One user that has apparently purchased the iPhoto app, gave it a 1-star review and posted the following message:

Wont open says not connected to internet when i am [sic]

In case we were not clear before, it’s in your best interest for you not to buy any of these apps. Also, make sure you tell all your friends that have Android devices that they’re not the real deal.

Finally, we can’t help but notice that the fact these apps got listed in the Play Store so easily is Google’s fault. No matter how hard the company is trying to fight malicious apps, such as these ones could be, it probably wouldn’t hurt the company to set up some filters to make sure nobody can pose as a well known company and have their fake apps listed.

Has anyone purchased any of these apps? Why?

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