nexus 7 2013 aa design straight on

If you have decided that you absolutely cannot wait, that you are desperately in need of the update to the 2013 Nexus 7 LTE so you can go give Verizon your money, you are in luck. Google has posted the full Android KitKat factory image on their developers site, ready for you to download and flash to your device.

An OTA update only launched a few days ago and is still making its way to all LTE version Nexus 7 2013 models. We covered the particulars, finding that this update really only makes changes required to support the Verizon network.

The full Factory Image on the Google Developers site is marked as 4.4.2_r2 (Verizon) (KVT49L). Although we would recommend that you wait for the OTA update, we totally respect those of you that want to handle the upgrade yourself. You’ll need to understand the Root and ROM process if you wish to give this a go. For the rest of us, we’ve waited months already, what’s another day or two?

Will you be waiting for the OTA update, or have you already modified your Nexus 7 and need the full new image?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!