Facebook Messenger

Facebook has added support to its Messenger app to include a free VoIP service for Canadian Android smartphone and tablet owners.

The social networking giant released a minor update to its Messenger app today that brings the Android app to the same version of its iOS counterpart. This latest update adds VoIP support for Canadian Android device owners, which makes the app a decent Skype replacement. Take note that, much like Skype, the VoIP service will use your data plan.

There’s no word as to when U.S. Android users, or even other countries, will get the service. If the iOS app is anything to go by, U.S. Android device owners should see VoIP support soon, as American iOS users got VoIP added to their version of the Messenger app two weeks after the Canadian update.

The latest update to the Messenger app also includes a few bug fixes and improvements to group conversations. Canadian Android device owners can snag the update from Google Play right now.

Brad Ward
Residing in Eastern Michigan, Brad is a lover of all-things Android. Technology has always been a fascination for him. His first phone was the Motorola Atrix 2 with a recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He enjoys gaming, weightlifting, reading, creating ideas and most of all, writing.