Facebook voice calls

Facebook voice calls for free can’t be bad news for anyone, so U.S. users of the Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home Android apps will be happy to hear that the feature is rolling out to them.

Users in Canada or the UK got access to the feature a bit earlier, but now the big rollout is underway, making the number of countries in which it’s available grow to 24.

You don’t need to update the apps to get the new feature, as you’ll be able to use it automatically the moment it’s available. If you have it, you’ll find the “free call” option under the “i” icon in Facebook Messenger, while Facebook Home has it under the three dots next to your contact’s name. Needless to say, you’ll need a large enough (or unlimited) data plan to use the VoIP feature.

With Google expected to launch its Babel unified messaging service soon enough, Facebook has every reason to use every resource at its disposal to keep its users close. Giving them free calls in apps they use on a regular basis seems like a pretty good way to do just that.

Have you used Facebook voice calls already?

Bogdan Bele
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