Facebook Page update iOS

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so perhaps Google should feel honored that Facebook’s newly redesigned mobile Facebook Pages share a very similar design to the sleek and sophisticated appearance of Google Now.

As of yesterday, a new update rolled out to iOS users which completely redesigned the layout for mobile Facebook Pages. So this won’t affect user’s profile pages, these changes will only apply to business profiles. Eventually the update will be coming to Android as well, so here’s a sneak peak at the new features.

Facebook vs Google Now

Time to play spot the difference

Firstly and most obviously, the new user interface aims to streamline page viewing on mobile devices. Like, Call, Message, and Share, all now appear at the top of the page, and location information and photos have been moved to a more prominent position.

Page owners can pin important posts, offers, and videos, and can now more easily manage public and admin views of their Pages. Essentially it’s just a streamlining process to make business information easier to access on mobile devices, which I certainly won’t complain about.

Even though the update isn’t released on Android yet, you can still check out the changes by accessing Facebook mobile through your web browser.


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