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Facebook launches Slingshot, its alternative to Snapchat

Facebook has now officially announced its new Snapchat competitor, dubbed Slingshot.
June 17, 2014

Last week Facebook accidentally released its new Snapchat competitor to iOS users ahead of schedule, promptly pulling it down the same day. Now Facebook is finally officially taking the wraps off its new Slingshot app, bringing it to both iOS and Android users.

Slingshot is more than just a direct rip-off of Snapchat, hoping to switch things up by offering more than just expiring photos and videos. Instead, you can send your photo/vid to a contact but they won’t be able to view it until after they send you something back. After that, both images/vids will expire in a similar matter to Snapchat.

We know what you’re thinking, while Facebook is promoting this as a fun new way to share media with your friends, it sounds more like a tool for people looking to exchange their naughty photos. Of course, it remains unseen whether Slingshot will end up being used for such dubious purposes or just more stupid selfies.

If you are interested in checking out Facebook’s new app, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. What do you think of Slingshot and other similar vid/photo messaging services? Useful or nothing more than a waste of time?