Facebook SDK

Earlier today we reported that Facebook for Android had received a major update. It wasn’t just about new features, Facebook had rewritten the program as a native app. Now it seems that Facebook has some good news for developers as well. Facebook SDK 3.0 has finally come out of beta.

The beta of Facebook SDK 3.0 was released about six weeks ago, but is now finally ready for prime time. According to Facebook, the app has already been downloaded 80,000 times.

Facebook SDK 3.0 is all about making it easier for developers to integrate Facebook social functions into their apps using Facebook’s APIs. The new SDK even allows for a native login experience.

This means that developers can allow users to authorize Facebook permissions without leaving the app. It also means that apps can call up certain Facebook features like the locations of their friends, or even tag places and friends all from within an app.

This is awesome if you are a developer, but what if you are just a regular Android user? Basically, the release of this SDK means that apps that work with Facebook are going to get better Facebook integration and features in the near future.

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