Back in April, Facebook announced that its Messenger service would be breaking away from the main Facebook app, with the aim of optimizing and streamlining both of the services separately. If you haven’t already made the switch over to the dual app system, you might spot a gentle reminder pop up in the coming days, as Facebook is continuing on its mission to phase out the old chat service.

Facebook Messenger reminderThe pop-up reminder offers up some feature incentives for making the switch, such as picture and voice messages, video, and the usual collection of stickers. Facebook states that users will also continue to receive chat notifications in the regular app, and will enable users to quickly hop between the two apps without losing their place in news or chat feeds.

Switching between two apps just to chat with your pals does seem like a bit on an inconvenience. However, Facebook is adamant that the split will allow it to “better improve the performance of both apps over time” and that a separate Messenger app offers a faster experience overall.

Although Facebook is not quite at the stage of forcing members over to the new Messenger app, the reminder indicates that a changeover date is coming “soon”, so it can’t be too long until chat messages are cast off completely.

If you haven’t done so already, here is the link to download the Facebook Messenger app from the Play Store.

Robert Triggs

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