You know that person at the party who takes a photo of someone doing something stupid and then spends the next 60 seconds or so fiddling with their device to put that image on Facebook so that everyone in their timeline can see how much “fun” they’re having? No one likes that person, and Facebook is trying to eradicate that kind of behavior. According to The Verge, Facebook is testing a feature whereby every photo you take is automatically uploaded to a special private album. Here’s how it works: You’re at a party, you’re taking a bunch of photos, and then when you come home you go to that private album and figure out which photos to share with your friends. It’s something Apple does with Photo Stream, it’s something Google does with Google+, and we’re delighted to hear that Facebook is jumping in on this too.

Privacy nuts are probably going to freak out, but again, we want to emphasize that this isn’t automatic sharing. It’s simply automatic uploading. Can Facebook do something really evil like run facial recognition algorithms to spot who’s in your photos? They could, but why would they?

Back to the new feature, it’s not turned on for all Android users just yet. It’s currently being tested at a “really small” scale. That being said, if you want the convenience of automatic photo uploading then you could just as easily do this sort of thing with a service like Dropbox. You could also install an app called “AirDroid” that will let you access your photos from your computer without the need to go through a third party cloud service. That option in particular should appease the ultra paranoid.