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Facebook is jumping on the cloud storage bandwagon with Photo Sync, a feature that does precisely what the name says – it uploads the pictures you take on your Android or iPhone device to Facebook servers and puts them into a private album marked Synced from Phone.

From there, you will be able to share the pics that you like with your friends, or delete the ones that you’d prefer to remain private. But because people err, we do expect a fair number of embarrassing incidents to occur once this new feature rolls out on wide scale.

Facebook will graciously provide you with 2GB of storage space for your photos. Considering that the photos will be resized to about 100KB to save on bandwidth and disk space, you’ll be able to put up to 20,000 images in your private Facebook album.

If you are worried about data consumption, Facebook took care to put a Sync from WiFi only feature; we just hope that this feature will be checked on by default. The social network giant first announced the feature in August, with a small (for Facebook’s scale) pilot, and now, it’s ready to roll it out to all its mobile apps users.

With Photo Sync, Facebook brings its mobile applications to date, seeing that Google Plus had this feature from day one, and other cloud services, such as Dropbox or Box, have been offering similar services for months.

What app do you use to share your photos and why?

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