A new version of the Facebook app brings a few handy photos features to Android that have been available on the desktop version of the social network for a while.

The new version of the Facebook app finally adds the ability to post photos as comments on posts and status updates. It’s a simple feature, and one that’s been available on the desktop website for a while, but now it’s finally available on mobile.

The app update also adds the ability to delete or edit photo albums from your phone. Before the app only let you create albums, and you had to go to a desktop to change them. Other photo features that are finally available in the Android app after the update include the ability to untag yourself in photos and the ability to upload multiple photos at the same time.

Those who manage groups can also use the new Facebook for Android app to pin and unpin photos in the group.

Finally, Facebook is bringing its flat UI to more users after the update, getting close to unifying the experience for all Android users. The app still uses Gingerbread-style menus on phones with physical buttons, but hopefully those will go away soon.

Will the new photo features for Facebook for Android change the way you use the app?