mark-zuckerberg-facebook Credit: Mashable

As the drop-dead date for Google Reader draws near, the discussion on what replacements to use is heating back up. There are plenty of good utilities out there, but none as sublime as Reader. Many users will simply turn to Twitter, or news cobbling services like Google Currents or Flipboard.

If Facebook has their way, you’ll turn to them. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook is working on a “Flipboard style” news reader. This service will cobble together content from publishers, as well as Facebook users, into a magazine style format. It’s also said to be geared toward mobile devices, and called–you guessed it–Reader.

The project is still being tested internally at Facebook, according to “sources close to the matter”. The real question may be whether or not you’re willing to trust Facebook with knowing any more about you, even stories you’re interested in reading. This is clearly a way to promote advertising, but with Facebook constantly compromising users’ data and personal information, why trust another service of theirs?

The space soon vacated by Reader has many interested in filling it. Facebook is keen on being your day-to-day news stop, having recently re-designed their news feed. That design, which looks eerily like Google+, is Facebook’s grand gesture at being “the best personalized newspaper in the world”, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Reader is leaving us soon, but there are so many other news aggregate apps and utilities out there which are robust enough to make us feel as though Reader simply got a facelift, rather than went away. As Facebook Home suggests, the company has good ideas, but others do it better.