Facebook home mark zuckerberg commercial

A new commercial for Facebook Home, starring Mark Zuckerberg himself, has been released, and it’s quite funny.

Facebook Home has not been received with universal acclaim by pundits and users, but that’s not going to stop Facebook (nor HTC, which makes the first handset running the launcher, dubbed the HTC First) from promoting it in every possible way.

On Thursday, Facebook gave away a free HTC First to every member of the audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We’ve also seen a Funny or Die-made clip starring James Van Der Beek that spoofed the Bachelorette show (the One went home with the girl).

Facebook is obviously betting on star power to spread the word about Home, and the latest commercial stars another undisputed celeb, Facebook’s own founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Check it out.

I love that Zuck isn’t above a little self-deprecating humor, and I have to say it, the ad is quite good. We’ll see if the general public will drink Facebook’s Kool-Aid. So far, judging by the numerous 1-star reviews on the Google Play store, Home isn’t off to a good start, but we’ll have to wait a little more before we call it a failure or a success.