Whether you love Facebook Home or not… and it seems many do not the concept is meritorious. It has opened up our eyes to a whole new experience, and forced many to consider Android differently. It has gone beyond the normal “Launcher”, and turned a device into a Facebook-centric gateway. Again, while Facebook may not be everyone’s cup of tea… their custom launcher concept is sublime.

Google’s Eric Schmidt would agree. Speaking this morning at All Things D: Dive Into Mobile, Schmidt was very supportive of Facebook and their Home launcher, mentioning it was “a tremendous endorsement of the (Android) platform and what you can do with it.” Not only do we agree, but the father of Android, Andy Rubin, has said Android needs more of this.

While the Facebook Home launcher has been widely panned, it does show the potential of Android beyond other operating systems. This can’t be done with iOS, and Windows Phone doesn’t seem to support it, either. Android provides a true open source platform in which companies like Facebook can create these systems.

In response to the rumors that Google would try to block Facebook Home from the Play Store in the future, because it alters the Android experience so drastically, Schmidt was very dismissive of that. He touted Android’s open source nature, and noted that being truly open source is Android’s bailiwick. “This is what open source is all about. You can’t have half open source. It’s against our religion.” said Schmidt.