Facebook Home _Dinner

The latest in the Facebook Home ads series has been posted online and should air on TV soon enough.

The new commercial follows the same basic premise as the first two. Facebook Home users caught in a dreadfully boring situation (a Mark Zuckerberg pep talk can apparently be mind numbing) whip out their phones and suddenly the scene is filled by fun and excitement.

The girl in the latest ad is at a boring family dinner, but with the help of Facebook Home, a drummer, a ballerina, and some serious snow fighting make their way into the room. You can check it out below.

The first ad for Facebook Home, dubbed “Airplane”, was first aired during the Home launch event, while the second one, starring Mark Zuckerberg himself (along with a screaming goat) surfaced late last week.

Have you tried Facebook Home? Do you think it’s as engrossing as the ads want you to think it is?