facebook home app

The Facebook Home app now has a TV ad, and it has already started airing, with the app less than a week away from its April 12 U.S. release date. The ad itself is not entirely brand new, as it is actually the “Airplane” video, which was previously showcased during the Facebook Home launch event.

The ad, which you can watch below, basically shows a dramatized version of what the Facebook Home app can do, putting a Facebook user that travels by airplane in the middle of the action, together with all of his Facebook friends. It was first aired on Saturday night, during the Final Four basketball games.

You can watch the ad below, if you haven’t seen it already during the Facebook event:

More videos showing the Facebook Home app in action have been recently released by Facebook, as part of the campaign the company is doing to promote Facebook Home, as well as the new HTC First smartphone. The campaign is also underway on Facebook, of course.

What do you think of the Facebook Home ad? More importantly, what do you think of Facebook Home? You can pitch in at our debates and poll here.

Bogdan Bele
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