A new Facebook update has now hit the Google Play Store, bringing with it the ability to change profile pictures from within the app. Additionally, it is now easier to manage unwanted stories and spam from within the News Feed. Outside of these two changes, Facebook also made improvements that make it easy to start a group message with fewer taps and less hassle.

As you can see, nothing truly ground-breaking was introduced with this update, though Facebook is changing up the way it launches updates. Even though this update is just now hitting Google Play, some users have had it since Friday.

How does that work exactly? Apparently Facebook has a new beta program that is designed to push out updates to beta testers. The method works silently in the background, outside of Google Play. This gives testers a chance to provide feedback before the update hits a wider range of users via Google Play.

According to Facebook, the silent update feature will be used for testers going forward as a way to make sure that new updates work as they should. It is actually seems like a pretty wise move, as it gives a few willing volunteers early access to updates and at the same time means Facebook can discover bugs and other problems before updates launch. Beyond volunteer testers, Facebook doesn’t seem interested in using this silent update method to replace normal Google Play delivery.

What do you think of the idea of the changes in this new update? Additionally, what do you think of the new silent update method for Google Play testers?

Andrew Grush
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