Mobile is the future. And mobile is the key to Facebook’s success. Those were the exact words used by Mark Zuckerberg more than once in statements and interviews given during the past few months, despite him also saying that FB is not planning to release a smartphone of its own.

But if mobile is so vital for Facebook and they’re not releasing a phone, it should be all about the apps, right? Still, the Android “native” app is garbage glitchy and buggy, having a pretty awful 3.5 star average in Google Play user reviews.

Sure, Zuckerberg has promised to build a new app from the ground up to replace the existing one, but those are words and we need facts and we need them yesterday. As much as we’d like everything to be perfect overnight, we know that’s not possible, so we should probably be happy with some baby steps in the right direction.

Three such steps have been made over the last 24 hours, with the introduction of a new Android Developer Center, a major SDK (Software Development Kit) update, but also a maintenance app upgrade.

Facebook for Android is now available for download in version 1.9.11, and, while the latest update is not very special compared with recent ones, it does come with three straightforward and important changes.

Photo functionality should be improved with these three tweaks, which allow for faster photo tagging and a better organizing of your pics in albums. Finally, there’s also the customary bug fix, which this time helps solve a problem that was restricting “people using certain languages” from uploading images from time to time.

Besides these fixes and added features, there doesn’t seem to be anything new in Facebook for Android, so don’t be surprised if you still hate the app’s guts. Still, the user numbers are up, including on mobile, so it may just be us that think FB needs to get a move on and drastically change things rather than focus on frequent, but minor updates.

Is it just us? Do you like the app as it is? Are you happy with this new maintenance update? Drop us a comment and let us know.