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Facebook for Android updated, brings performance boost and new features

April 23, 2012
Facebook is by far the world’s biggest and most popular social networking service these days, yet its users are always complaining about the website’s performance, its updates, or its interface. The new timeline is pretty much hated by everyone out there and Zuckerberg’s “jewel” is not doing very well when it comes to mobile versions either. The Facebook for Android app has been around for almost three years now, but the poor performance and numerous bugs and glitches have made a lot of mobile users pass on it. But there is some good news on this front.

The app’s latest update has been released a couple of days ago and brings several important improvements, making Facebook for Android finally “feel like an Android app”, as one user points out on Google Play. Facebook for Android version 1.9 comes with “improved performance and bug fixes” and, while the app is still far from perfect, it has clearly moved forward, especially when talking about speed and responsiveness.

Aside from improved performance, the new app also comes with some new features. You can now use shortcuts to share photos and messages directly from your phone’s home screen. However, the added shortcuts can’t be removed once installed, which might be quite an annoyance for some users.

Creating group messages is finally supported by Facebook for Android and you can now easily add friends to existing group conversations as well. GPU rendering is also turned on, enabling smoother scrolling on the timeline for devices supporting such a feature.

If you simply can’t go on for more than half an hour without checking your Facebook account, sharing links and photos, poking your friends, and so on, you shouldn’t miss this latest update of the Android app, as it will significantly improve your experience with the social networking website.

Hit this Google Play link to download Facebook for Android version 1.9 and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the app’s improvements and updates! Also, in your vision, how can the Facebook app be improved in the future?