Good news for Facebook fanatics! The Facebook app for Android has been updated. This is good news for everyone who’s always itching to keep themselves connected to their Facebook account. The original was a bit buggy and had quite a few problems that made it a pain to use. However, this update sets a few things right and manages to deliver several new options to the table.

The first thing the update did is provide a noticeable improvement in performance. The initial offering of the app was a bit slow, taking some time for it to load. Now, all it takes is a press of a button and the app delivers the page that you want – whether it be groups, apps, pages or settings. Next up is a smoother search and photo interface. Users can zoom in and out on their photos now, and a more robust search function in the app lets them find anything they want. Notifications are also improved – they’re now in real-time, keeping users up-to-date on anything that happens on their page.

Apps have also been made more compatible with the mobile setup. Games and various other applications are now more streamlined and fit the screen better. Access to the Facebook timeline and friend lists has been added, as well as subscriptions. It’s not all perfect though. There are noticeable gaps in functionality like the lack of a back button and exit keys. It also has some issues on some phones – but these are minor things that will probably be ironed out soon. As of now, enjoy the new update.

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