Despite earlier reports that there are more people who use iPhone apps, there is one Android app that people have been seen favoring over. In fact, this is the very first time that an Android app has exceeded its iPhone alternative. Given its number of active users, the app boasts of having 58.8 million daily active users compared to iPhone’s 57.6 million. If you’re curious to know what this app is, it is actually the ever famous Facebook app.

This bit of news has surprised so many people, considering that the iPhone app was already available even before the Android version was first launched. In fact, the iPhone app was made available to users in July 2008, whereas its biggest rival hit the marketplace a shocking year later—September 2009. Even with its one year difference, the Android app has maintained a very close lead to the iPhone version. It is only recently that the Android version finally succeeded in overtaking the spot of iPhone.

The data was gathered by AppData, a tracking service which revealed the numbers of daily Facebook app users from both platforms. It also mentioned that the iPhone app had a total of 99.5 million monthly active users while Android only had 86.1 million. However, analysts think that the daily amount is much relevant as it is a more accurate method to base the popularity of the app from.

As a result of this impressive leap, developers feel eager to come up with more apps for Android users. Given the fact that there are 700,000 Android devices which get activated daily, it is a clear indication that Android has become the choice of many, when it comes to smartphone usage.

This is most likely the reason why Facebook decided to develop an Android launch for their Timeline profile format instead of the iPhone. The new Timeline UI feature was launched on Facebook for Android last week whereas Facebook for iPhone 4.1 was only released this Monday.


[Source: NVO News]

Christine Torralba
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