The iPhone is still the most popular mobile device in Facebook’s campus and that’s not a good thing for the company when it comes to releasing a flaw-free, or close to it, Facebook app for Android devices.

Facebook is apparently more than aware that Android adoption rate exceeds iPhone adoption rate by a lot when it comes to mobile users. And plenty of those mobile users have a Facebook account and most of those that have one probably want to enjoy The Social Network on their mobile devices.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is now officially encouraging users to switch from iOS to Android – by using posters such as the ones in the images above – to be able to actually test the Android Facebook apps themselves and look for potential bugs:

“In the early days we gave employees iPhones primarily”, a Facebook spokesperson tells me. That decision and the rise of Android has left Facebook scrambling to get employees dogfooding its apps for Google’s OS. Now the company’s headquarters is plastered with these eye-popping posters asking Facebookers to “switch today”, and fix Android flaws with its secret bug reporting tool “Rage Shake”.

Apparently the campaign is working, and while Facebook employees are not quite ready to dump their Apple devices, more people are seen using both an Android smartphone and an iPhone.

Facebook has around 4,000 employees that can test out its mobile products on different mobile devices. From the looks of it, the company is always pushing the latest Facebook apps versions to Android devices. As soon as bugs are encountered, the Facebook employee can simply shake the device – a procedure that’s called “Rage Shake” – to report the issues.