A new Facebook application has been released for Android. But unlike what most people would expect, it was not developed by Facebook itself. Towards the end of October, there were many reports that Facebook would not be dedicating any resources into creating an Android Facebook application based upon the rough relationship between Facebook and Google. Tech-Crunch has the complete story here.

In order to create working alternative for the Android OS, a group of self proclaimed geeks calling themselves Next Mobile Web, who have brought us Dial Zero, Phoneflix, and Quikpedia to the iPhone and Blackberry devices, have now brought us fBook, exclusively for Android. However, Next Mobile Web has not brought a new GUI to Android, but has instead taken the Facebook iPhone web application (which was later replaced with the Facebook Application for iPhone), and optimized it for viewing on Android phones. In addition to the the iPhone web application GUI, they have also added an option to send SMS messages and upload photos directly to Facebook, and the application will provide notifications and alerts through the brilliant Android “notification tray”.

[via AndroidCommunity]