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Likes of Facebook, Angry Birds and other popular apps dominated app marketplaces in 2012

Many new app developers released their apps in 2012 hoping to get a bigger share of the pie but according to several reports both Google Play and App Store were dominated by older players such as Facebook, Angry Birds and Instagram.
January 2, 2013
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Just like in previous years, 2012 was the year of apps as well. Applications made for smartphones and tablets outgrew 2011 numbers in terms of usage and releases. These apps played an important role in the life of users who increasingly turn to their mobile devices for day-to-day tasks.

Analytics firm Flurry revealed that a smartphone or tablet user spends an average of two hours each day using mobile applications, which is an increase of 35% compared to 2011.

While there were several newly released apps that made their mark on the app marketplaces, which include Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, these stores were usually dominated by long-time players such as Facebook, YouTube, Angry Birds, Instagram, etc.

Although app marketplaces were ruled by already popular apps in 2012, many new apps were introduced as well, some becoming instant hits. One such app is online drawing app Draw Something, a hit Android and iOS app. However new players struggled to gain the top spots which were acquired by ‘ancient’ apps (older than one year or more).

The year 2012 transformed the way consumers use apps according to the vice president of Fiksu, a mobile marketing company. According to him, there was a big shift in consumers turning to apps for a wider range of day-to-day tasks and apps like Songza, Uber and others gained attraction. Users also downloaded apps more often for tasks like hiring a taxi, booking a hotel, following current events and making payments more than they did in 2011 or before.

Apart from that, many entertainment games such as LetterPress for iOS or ScrambleWithFriends proved to be popular too according to Palli. While several apps made their mark on popular mobile platforms such as Android, giving new developers a chance to get into the spotlight, the year 2012 was mostly dominated by older players who have been ruling the app space for a few years.

Let’s see what 2013 has in store for app developers and consumers like you and me!