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Facebook is known for constantly trying out new features and design elements, usually by pushing them to a small number of testers in its beta channel. Not all of these features make it to the stable version of the app, but the beta channel does occasionally tip Facebook’s hand.

It appears that Facebook is now trialing lockscreen notifications that are similar in aspect to the stacked card notification style that Google is previewing in Android L. As spotted by Tech Crunch’s Darrell Etherington (as well as some Reddit users), the new notification card comprises a thumbnail and the most recent message, along with a three-dot Settings button that reveals viewing options. Tapping on the card unlocks the device and takes you straight to the Facebook app, and the user can dismiss the notification with a swipe. In case you have several notifications, they will be displayed as stacked cards.

facebook notifications

The screenshot was taken on an HTC One (M8) running Android 4.4.2, suggesting that the feature may not be exclusive to Android L release. Facebook confirmed it was testing the feature.

With the repeated caveat that not all features from the beta make it to the stable version, tell us, would you like to see this notification style coming to Facebook’s apps?

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