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In less than twenty minutes, Facebook’s new home on Android will be revealed. For years, it was speculated that Mark Zuckerberg’s company will eventually create its own smartphone platform. But truth is forking Android or creating a new OS from scratch would make zero sense for Facebook. A simple launcher would be more useful, and that’s what the social giant is apparently preparing to unveil.

The first phone to run the Facebook Home launcher is likely to be the HTC First, previously known as the Myst. Decidedly mid-range, the HTC device will be the first phone to run Facebook Home, but the app is expected to hit the Play Store, and come loaded on devices from other manufacturers.

Other software features and surprise announcements are possible. Watch the livestream of the Facebook Android event here and stay tuned for more coverage.

Update: the stream has ended. Check out our HTC First and Facebook Home coverage here:

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