Facebook on Android has always been a wonky thing. Their Android app has been getting progressively worse as time goes on. They still haven’t added basic features like a tablet interface. It was so bad that there were rumors circulating that Mark Zuckerberg forced his employees to use the app so they could see how bad it is. Well, Zuckerberg promised that things would be changing when it comes to Android and Facebook.

Facebook has gone ahead and overhauled its Android SDK. Facebook claims the new Android SDK will make it easier for app developers to promote and distribute theirs apps. They also promise better social integration. It is backwards compatible with older versions of the SDK, so app devs won’t face a steep learning curve.

Along with that, it has a few new features as well. They are as follows:

  • Friend Picker lets people tag friends in an Open Graph action or find other people who installed your app.
  • Places Picker shows nearby places with customizable locations.
  • Profile Picture control shows the profile picture for any Facebook object, including people, places and things.
  • Login controls simplify how you manage user identity and app permissions.

With these new services, it’ll definitely help app developers create a more socially friendly application. Facebook seems to be following through with its promise to be more friendly toward Android. Here’s hoping they’ve put this much thought into their future Android app.

What is Facebook’s Android Developer Central?

This is definitely the biggest improvement of the Facebook Android SDK experience. It’s an interface to help new developers get started with integrating Facebook. There are several pieces to the Android Developer Central interface.

It starts with getting developers started and showing them some tutorials on how to set everything up and how everything works. From there, it provides documentation and sample code for developers to pick through. It also helps teach learning the basics of growing the app with Facebook. To see it, check out their website.

It looks as though Facebook is finally turning the corner on making their Android offerings better. If they continue on their plan, expect many more things to get better in terms of using Facebook. Has any app developers given the new SDK or Developer Central a shot? Let us know what you thought of it.