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EZ Drop: Wireless Transfer of Data from PC to Phone Via Web

March 9, 2012

Transferring files from your Android smartphone to your computer can be a daunting task, most especially if you have misplaced your phone’s USB cable or Bluetooth pairing is giving you a headache.

A simple alternative for those sticky situations can be done by wirelessly beaming files from your PC to your phone via the EZ Drop service. An application known as EZ Drop provides one surefire method of sharing your important files without the hassle of bringing your phone’s USB cable along with you.

EZ Drop works in tandem with the EZ Drop website and mobile client. Users can instantly transfer personal files easily from their computer to their Android smartphones over the EZ Drop website.

Just download the application and you’re good to go. There’s no need to set up complex servers.  No need for creating/registering or logging into accounts.  There’s no need for configuration of IP addresses.  What’s more is that users have the freedom of passing any file type that can be shared without any restrictions. Users just need to download the app and install it on their phone and input a 4-digit PIN provided on the EZ Drop website to get them started.

Another great thing about using the application is that sharing via EZ Drop lets you do complete file transfers with multiple files simultaneously. All of the selected files you have chosen are then shared on the EZ Drop cloud where they are wirelessly pushed to your Android smartphone at lightning speed.

The Android Market is literally flooding with hundreds of applications offering wireless file transfer solutions but EZ Drop is as simple as it can get without any more extensive configurations needed. The option of sharing over the Internet through Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections is previously tackled by many remote sharing solutions such as FTP Droid, AirDroid, and Android Manager Wi-Fi that require a computer and a smartphone to be hooked to the same network.

However, in the case of EZ Drop, there’s no need for the computer and the smartphone to stay connected on the same network, as the application does it all through the Web. But, you do need a connection to the Internet to be able to share files using EZ Drop.


First-time users need to input the correct PIN generated by the EZ Drop website and a connection is automatically created between the desktop browser and the EZ Drop Android app.

Hit the upload  button on the website and pick as many files as you want to begin transferring the files from PC to phone. Files that are received via EZ Drop are saved on the external SD card on your smartphone’s local storage.

To send files from your phone to your PC via EZ Drop, just tap the Menu key and tap the “Send file to PC” button.  Then, choose the file you want to send.  The file will appear as a download link on the EZ Drop page on your browser.

EZ Drop is a handy software to have in your smartphone most especially for those people who constantly need to import their favorite files from their computer. It is a very useful app for business professionals and for casual tech junkies who just can’t steer away from their PC files.

EZ Drop is a fast and simple way to send and receive files between your PC and your Android smartphone.  You can get the EZ Drop app from the Android Market for free and try out how file transfers couldn’t get any easier to accomplish.