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Samsung teases Exynos Infinity for MWC, but what is it exactly?

Today Samsung released a new MWC 2014 teaser, which reads the words "Exynos Infinity in Barcelona". Is the Exynos Infinity a new SoC, a marketing term or something else entirely? Read on to learn more!
February 19, 2014

Earlier today, Samsung took to its official Exynos Twitter account to release the image you see above, alongside the message “Continuing our market-leading innovation and leadership, we bring you our latest innovations. Please stay tuned.”

While the teaser is light on the details, there are already several tech sites speculating that the “Exynos Infinity” mentioned in the teaser will be the name of a much-anticipated and rumored 64-bit Samsung CPU. Further fueling this rumor is the fact that a 64-bit Samsung SoC based on ARMv8-A architecture and dubbed “GH7” was spotted earlier today in a Linux kernel patch.

Of course, there are no guarantees that Samsung Infinity is really the name of a next-gen CPU. This could simply be the name of a special Samsung Exynos-related event to be held during MWC, a marketing buzzword, a new Exynos technology or really just about anything.

Bottom-line, even though we know pretty much for fact that Samsung is working on a 64-bit SoC, we can’t say with any real certainty whether the company plans to show it off at MWC. We have to admit that a 64-bit SoC unveiling from Samsung next week would be pretty awesome, especially if the SOC is destined for the Galaxy S5, but for now we’d take the whole possibility with a pretty hefty grain of salt.

What do you think, is Exynos Infinity some kind of marketing term, the name of a new CPU or something else entirely? Could a 64-bit SoC end up in the Samsung Galaxy S5 or do you find the idea unlikely? Let us know what you think in the comments below!