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Exynos 5430 could open the door to ‘touchless control’ on Samsung handsets

The Exynos 5430 introduces a new voice/audio core that could potentially open the door to 'touchless control' functionality on future devices.
August 14, 2014
Exynos 5

Yesterday Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy Alpha, following months of rumors and speculation regarding Samsung’s first metal-framed smartphone. At the time they didn’t focus much on the Exynos processor powering the handset, though earlier today they formally announced the Exynos 5430.

During our post on the processor’s launch we focused on how the 5430 was the first Exynos built on the 20nm process. What we didn’t catch was the fact that the chipset also offers up a Cortex A5 co-processor dedicated to audio decoding. This means the co-processor can not only handle all audio-related tasks but this also gives the chip voice capabilities that could be used for improving voice recognition or bringing voice-triggered device wakeup.

While this isn’t necessarily a big deal, with both the Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 5430 supporting voice recognition and likely heading to the Note 4, it’s possible that future devices like the Note could end up having voice wake features similar to devices like the Moto X. This is obviously speculation on our part, but considering Samsung’s penchant for throwing in as many extra features as possible, the idea doesn’t sound that outlandish.

What do you think, would you like to see voice-wake and deeper voice control come to the Note 4 and other future Samsung devices? Conversely, do you feel that this is just another “gimmick” and one you’d rather Samsung not focus on?