Some people use their smartphone to text, browse, watch video, listen to music, even — in the rare occasions — to make phone calls. But this guy right here was probably bored out of his mind or just didn’t really like his HTC One X that much. Can using one’s HTC One X to repeatedly hammer a nail be considered a crime against gadgets? If so, please notify the gadget police straight away!

To be fair, he’s probably just taking the concept of durability test to a new extreme level. And we’re not sure if it’s even real? If there’s anything we can learn from the video, is that the HTC One X won’t really make a good replacement for a hammer. And the other thing is that the HTC One X appears to have some kind of super power. That merciless pounding didn’t seem to affect the screen and handset at all.

Folks, despite what you see on the video, we really advise you not to try this at home. Unless you want to be subjected to a gruesome experience as below. But that’s a whole different story.


Do you think the video is legit? How’s your experience with the HTC One X so far?