All of you who just bought the Galaxy Nexus or another LTE device on Verizon will really like this news. All Extended batteries for Verizon’s LTE devices are now 50% off. As you can see in the picture above the extended battery for the Droid Bionic is reduced from $49.99 to just $24.99, that’s about the same price as you’d pay on Amazon, but you don’t have to wait for it to arrive or pay for shipping.

I know everyone was hoping for some news on when all these new devices announced at CES are supposed to be launched and some prices for them, well we still have nothing. But these 50% extended batteries should tie all you Verizon customers over until then. I have an extended battery for my HTC Sensation and I love it!

Some of the LTE devices like the HTC Rezound are already sold out, so hurry up and get your extended battery before its gone! Hit the source link to get your battery or batteries. Which battery and how many are you planning to pick up? Let us know in the comments.