Taking some hints from Google Now, the Expedia app on Google Play has received a major update that brings several fresh features and improvements, with the smart and beautiful Mobile Itineraries being the main attraction. The feature uses a location-awareness technology to pop up relevant information.

Dubbed as the online travel company’s “biggest mobile launch”, Mobile Itineraries allows users to get real-time updates of information on all of their Expedia bookings – flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruise.

Here’s the complete list:

  • Flights – Mobile Itineraries displays confirmation code, airline, flight number, travel dates and times, gate information and flight status. Additionally, it provides a flights map showing pins for departure and arrival, as well as potential layover airports and paths between them. The app also shows airport terminal maps for over 200 major airports worldwide.
  • Hotels – The Hotel Page shows hotel address, contact information and a map of where hotel is located.
  • Car Rentals Provides confirmation code, car rental company, phone number for national 800 number, local phone number and the pickup and drop-off date and time.
  • Cruise – See the day your cruise starts, then tap your cruise to open up your full cruise itinerary on the web.
  • Destination Services – Shows the valid start date for each activity, the date the activity expires, the number and name(s) of guests and a link to redeem vouchers, which provides barcodes for the activity.

In addition, you can easily share your itinerary via e-mail and SMS. Should you encounter any issues while on the road, the one-touch access feature allows you to easily get in contact with Expedia customer service. The update also makes it easier to book hotels and roundtrip flights, improves the checkout process, and fixes the checkout issue for folks in the UK and Canada.

Head to Google Play now to grab your copy.