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Expedia mobile app update brings flight booking, photos and a "lightning-fast" checkout process

The Expedia mobile app has taken another step closer to the full Expedia website. The app has been updated and along with a new version number comes some new features, one of which includes the ability to search for and book flights.
November 15, 2012

The Expedia mobile app has recently been updated. And nicely done, this update brings the app just a little bit closer to offering a full experience (similar to the regular website). The update is available in the expected location, Google Play, and has arrived as version 2.0 with support for devices running Android 2.2 or later.

The update brings only a few changes, but they all seem to be big changes. To begin with, Expedia app users can now search for, and book flights. According to details coming from Expedia, the process allows the user to sort flights by price, duration or time and also allows for searching by airport name, city or code. And just to clarify, this includes searching and booking flights around the world.

Next up, photos that show off the deals. This one is simple, but welcomed. Moving forward you will be able to see better images of the hotels and rooms that you are considering booking. This should be especially nice when checking out a place that you are not already familiar with.

Moving on and we get to the booking and checkout process. Expedia is touting this as allowing you to book in under 30 seconds and with a “lightning-fast” checkout. Of course, being able to book and checkout quickly depends on one thing — you having previously set-up an account and being logged in. Regardless, assuming you have your Expedia account current with information and you are logged in on the mobile app, the process should go smoothly. The final checkout is noted as being a “slide to purchase” process. And lastly, assuming you are logged in, you will get any Expedia Rewards that are coming your way.

All said and done, it looks like Expedia is going all in with mobile.