Map My Tracks OutFront is possibly the easiest and most satisfying way to keep interested parties locked into your live sports events participation. At the core of the app is an assistant who does live tracking all the while, maintaining your battery life.

This app has a lot stacked in, even if it’s slightly disabled in the free version. Tasks such as plotting progress and monitoring data like distance, average speed, elevation and calories burnt are just some of the things the Android version can do. Previously, this app was only for iOS, but to nobody’s surprise except Apple fanboys, compatibility issues forced it from being active on the App Store any longer.

There are two versions, as mentioned earlier, one being a free version and the other being a paid version which is more beefy in features. It appears developers knew to take the two pronged approach to the market with such a handy app. All in all, both versions turn your Android device into a live GPS tracker; the only thing others need to do to watch live is have your permission to account access at Then they can follow your location and other vital bodily stats.

For the more cautious among us, the good news is this: you don’t have to stream your progress live. That’s right! You can cache it for later and share it post-event at MapMyTracks, Twitter, or Facebook. In addition, there is built-in support for certain Bluetooth heart rate monitors. The bad news is, as mentioned before, the free version is limited to 1 event for storage. Syncing to MapMyTracks before anything else can be plotted.

The founder of Map My Tracks, had this to say about his team’s commitment to the apps’ ease of use:

“Our aim has been to make it super simple to get started and use the App,” says Nick Tatt, founder of Map My Tracks. “A lot of effort has been put into ensuring that users can quickly get to the features they need, as we know riders have very little time right before setting off on a ride. It just takes two taps to get started and the App does the rest.”