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Android Devices We're Most Excited About for 2012

March 1, 2012

The amount of innovation that is being crammed into events like MWC and CES is absolutely astounding. Honestly, it makes it hard to go back to regular life. That being said, it’s always a privilege to be able to attend events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), or Mobile World Congress (MWC), or CeBIT, or even COMPUTEX Taiwan. At these events, us tech-bloggers are so incredibly privileged to get a sense of what’s to come, and, more importantly, be part of the conversation.

Anyway, who cares? We all want to know what the hottest devices are. For those of us really passionate, we don’t even care about what’s on the market, but are always fixated (like laser-locked) on what’s coming next. With that in mind, I thought you’d appreciate knowing what we consider to be the most exciting upcoming Android devices are, for 2012. I’m literally foaming at the mouth to get my hands on some of these now. Brains!

Asus Padfone

This device has so much socialism embedded deep within its soul that I almost want to help the workers of the world unite! Seriously though, it represents an ideological shift, and is likely one of the biggest shake ups to the world of mobile technology that I have ever laid hands on. Why tether and waste two batteries simultaneously when you can get all the data you paid for, on one (three) device(s)? Despite the fact that it didn’t live up to what the rumors had indicated (Tegra 3), it has still got more than enough power  inside with its Qualcomm S4 dual core processor. With all the discrepancy in the blogosphere over quad core vs dual core, and the benchmarks that Anandtech has been able to bring to light, I see no problems here.

One SIM – 3 devices. Plus, once you connect the Padfone itself to the tablet “base-station” and then finally to the keyboard dock, you’re looking at over 10000 mAh of battery. That’s a lot of battery life folks. It’s almost enough to never run out. Considering i’ve got a 1650 mAh in my Galaxy S2, I think it’s safe to say that even the most hardcore road-warriors won’t be able to suck the fully connected Transformer like Padfone on even the most furious of cocaine-fueled tradeshow extravaganza’s. Well, that remains to be seen. Either way, Padfone good.

Toshiba Tab A270 7.7 Inch AMOLED Quad Core

AMOLED+Tablet+quad core a happy tablet make. Every time I hand my Galaxy S2 to someone that’s never seen an AMOLED display before, they always drop open their mouth, and comment on how the colors really look amazing. Sure, for professional photographers, and others that have affinity towards real, accurate colors, it might not be their thing. But for the 99% of us that love things a little bit saturated and artificially improved upon, there is simply nothing better.

These tablets are getting thinner, more powerful, and are packing more battery life than ever before. For me, 7.7 inches is a near perfect form factor, and i’m so pleased to see Samsung not monopolize their AMOLED technology. Either way, at 7.7 mm thin, the only thing that could make this device better would be a 10 inch variant, and a keyboard dock of some kind. Perhaps even a Padfone variant? Ok, i keed, I keed. Seriously, AMOLED just simply rocks. Unfortunately, this device is looking to be a bit pricey, and release date details are still a bit vague, but we will be sure to keep you posted.

Samsung Galaxy S3

I will sell my body parts to get this device. Thankfully, I probably won’t have to. I’m going to hang tight until the summer Olympics in July, where I just know Samsung is going to make a massive splash by releasing the most coveted Android phone of 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sure, HTC released some pretty great devices at MWC, but they aren’t going to hold a candle to the Galaxy S3. That being said, they are going to come to market much sooner.

While little is known officially of the Galaxy S3, we do have some excellent sources that confirm the following:

  • 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor
  • 4.8-inch “full HD” 1080p resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio display
  • A 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel (zero-shutter lag) rear camera
  • Ceramic case
  • 4G LTE
  • Android 4.0
  • possibly bezel-less, which would explain the 4.8″ screen
If you’re as interested about the Samsung Galaxy S3 as we are, then be sure to check our compulsively updated release date page, fully dedicated to stalking every morsel of credible information that has to do with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 

Projector. Smartphone. Prophone? Projectophone? Smartjector? Prophonesmartjector? Who cares?

I certainly wouldn’t like to be the marketer that tries to make a new category name for this particularly appealing portable projector with Android on-board.

It doesn’t matter though, because once you’re packing the Samsung Galaxy Beam, you’re going to be the coolest kid on the block – guaranteed. It’s the modern equivalent of those bad ass Reebok light up sneakers, for all you eighties kids out there. Sure, it won’t be very easy to play Fruit Ninja on while you’re beaming away, but again, that doesn’t matter.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam features an nHD projector, and is capable of projecting an image or movie or whatever you want really, 50 inches of it – from just a few feet away. Plus, it’ll be able to do it for up to three hours. At least this way, you won’t have to get close to people whenever you want to show them something on your smartphone. iPhones, don’t even bother making an appearance to this party.

Other cool specs you should know include a 2000mAh battery, a 1Ghz dual core processor, a 4 inch TFT display, a 5MP rear camera, and a 15 Lumens projector, which is really quite impressive for a device of this size. Oh, and it’s a phone.

Expect the party to get started in July, when it goes on sale in the UK for around $580, unlocked.

ASUS MeMo 370T

While ASUS was busy announcing their completely rebranded Transformer line of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablets at MWC, few failed to mention the MeMo 370T. What makes this device incredibly special is its price point. At $249, this really is going to be the device to beat. Honestly, with the specs it is packing below, and the price point it’s at, it’s simply just sitting there, beckoning you. If ASUS can actually make enough of these, unlike the two times they have two failed to produce enough to meet the demand before, then this device is going to not only be a Kindle Fire killer, but it will also raise the bar for all tablets in terms of price/performance/quality.


  • $249 – an amazing price for a quad core device
  • Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi a/b/g/n
  • Tegra 3 Quad (5 core) SoC clocked at 1.3Ghz
  • 12 core Tegra 3 GPU
  • 7″ screen
  • 1200×800 IPS display with 178 degrees of view-ability
  • 215.63 pixel per inch display
  • USB, Mini USB, HDMI, Headphone Jack, SD, microSDHC
  • 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a 2MP front
  • Android 4.0 ICS out of the box
  • GPS
  • Q2 2012 release date
  • 16/32/64GB
  • 10 Hours of battery life
  • 1GB of RAM
Summary – best cheap Android tablet awesomeness here.

So, there you have it, folks. I know this post was a bit, well, crazy, but you have to be to write the latest mobile technology every day. Any devices that deserve to be on this list? Let us know!