Excel Specialist Bundle

You can show off your Excel prowess in almost every industry, so improving your skills is a smart move. Whether you’re a complete rookie or you already have some familiarity with the software, the Microsoft Excel Specialist Certification Bundle can help beef up your resume. Best of all, it’s just $9.99 this week, saving you 99% on the retail value.

This Excel learning kit includes just two modules: Beginner and Advanced. You can pick and choose what parts of each module to focus on with 72 bite-sized video lectures in the package.

The beginner course focuses on hands-on tutorials to complete, while the advanced lectures offer training for certification exams. I use spreadsheets every single day, and there are tons of features in this learning kit that I’ve never used before.

Microsoft Excel Specialist Certification Bundle

In the first few lessons, you’ll cover the basics such as charts and graphs. Once you’re ready to move to the advanced module, things kick up a notch. You’ll dive into automating workbooks and developing formulas among other handy processes.

The Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle has a combined retail value of nearly $2,000 but you can get it right now for just $9.99 from Tech Deals. Tasks that previously might have taken you hours could be completed in minutes.

The offer ends this weekend, so no time like the present. Hit the widget below to get started.

$9 .99
Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle
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Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle Buy it Now
Save $1980 .01 $9 .99

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