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Instantly grow your career with Microsoft Excel Master Certification

The master diploma from The Excel School is the highest qualification there is in Microsoft Excel. You can get started for $40.
March 23, 2018

Microsoft Excel is the most important business application ever developed. If you’re not proficient with it, you may not have the skillset to progress your career.

This is particularly true if you aspire to be in a management or finance role. Hoping to rise through the ranks in a financial institution without strong Excel skills is like hoping to win the Tour de France without a bike.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or just want to take your Excel skills to the next level, The eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School is the perfect learning kit. It gives you a lifetime subscription to over 280 lessons for mastering this powerful software.

The highest qualification in Excel that you can achieve

You might think of Excel as mainly equations and graphs, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Microsoft Excel School teaches you all that jazz of course, but it also drills right down to actually recording macros and writing VBA code. Once you have these capabilities you can really bend Excel to your will.

Of course you’re going to want this aptitude reflected on your resume.  The Microsoft Excel School has you covered. On completion you’re awarded an internationally-recognized Diploma. In fact, it’s the highest qualification in Excel that you can achieve. What prospective employer wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at that little gem?

As a comprehensive Excel course by Microsoft-approved experts, this school originally retailed at $999. Presumably that was the corporate rate, because for the next few days you can personally get lifetime access for just $39. No wonder over 9,000 people have already enrolled.

For $49 you can include the Microsoft Office School in a 2 for 1, giving you proficiency in the full Office suite. If it allows you to impress one senior colleague, it’s a good investment.

It looks like the deal times out this weekend, so don’t hesitate if this diploma could boost your prospects. Find the deal by hitting the button below.

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