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Are you okay with Excel but want to become a master? Here are the 4 courses you need

Although most of us techies know our way around a pie chart, it takes a lot more to be an Excel wizard.
February 15, 2018
Microsoft Excel is arguably one of the most important and widely used programs in the business world. Indeed, proficiency in Excel is often a make-or-break point of interest in job interviews.

A lot of people who grew up around computers, like most of our readers, can whip up a pie chart or two if they need to. However, the real Excel wizards are able to unlock the full capabilities of this powerful program and manipulate data like Dr. Manhattan toying with molecules.

If you want to get on that level, your standard practice of trial and error with a mix of Google Fu will work… eventually. In the age of the internet, you can brute force just about anything if you’re willing to pore over enough cryptic help forums and semi-outdated how to tutorials.

Excel with Business has bundled together 4 of their most popular courses.

However, if you want to achieve God-tier Excel status more efficiently, the fastest way to do it is through online classes.

These classes tend to be expensive, but fortunately you can sometimes find them bundled for promotions.

That’s what we’re seeing here today. Excel with Business has bundled together 4 of their most popular courses, and they’re making them available as part of a bootcamp package for $49.

This includes an up-to-date version of their first learning kit simply entitled “Microsoft Excel,” which quickly gained over 100,000 students upon its initial launch. Those students paid $345 just for that, but you get three additional courses as part of the bundle.

Here’s what you get:

A quick =SUM shows that you’d be paying $1,380 if you were buying each of these individually, but for the next few days you can get all of them for essentially 96% off.

If you’re interested in upping your Excel game, click the button below to see the full details of each of these learning kits as well as information about their instructors.

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