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Android App for Waking Your HTC Evo 3D with Sliding Gesture

February 27, 2012

It is a usual thing to wake up your Android device using a basic button that every device must have–the Power button. Admittedly, it really is not the most convenient way to wake up your device.

For those devices that have buttons on the front, it will be easier–at least for those that have them.  But, how about those that have none of these? This is the problem with a device like the HTC EVO 3D.  It has a Power button and Volume keys, but none of them can actually be found on the front of the device.

To solve this problem, there is an app specifically created to answer this need of the HTC EVO 3D.  The app is called Ponury Gesture Mod, or PGM.

About Ponury Gesture Mod

XDA Developers member bponury made this app for the HTC EVO 3D to wake up the device without the use of physical buttons. The app is basically a kernel module that will allow the user to wake up or unlock the phone by just making swipe gestures on the screen. It’s so cool because it’s like you have slide-to-unlock on your EVO 3D.

A good thing about this mod is that you don’t need to do some flashing on your device because you just have to download the app and make it work for you. However, you still need to root your device first before you can use this app.


It’s always cool if there is some degree of customization in everything we use.  Luckily, this app also gives you this.

Through this mod, you can also opt to set a custom swipe gesture to turn on the screen as well as to turn it off again. What you actually do is to set up a start point and and end point of your swipe gesture. For instance, you can set the top-left corner as the starting point and the bottom-right corner as the end point or the other way around. If you don’t want to set them your self, there is an option to use pre-defined “left to right” or ” right to left” swipe gestures.

Problems and Fixes

Of course, like many Android apps, PGM also had some problems, but most of them have been fixed in the most recent version. For instance, in earlier versions, the following issues were found (and were subsequently patched up in the latest update):

  • Touchscreen plays dead when unlocked with Power button
  • Ends a call when using slide2wake
  • TIMEOUT doesn’t work

These bugs were already addressed in the new version of the app and there’s an added feature to tweak input device and keynum to fake.

With this app, the HTC EVO 3D’s problem of not having a physical button for waking it up is now solved–and in a rather cool and more convenient way, too.

If you own an HTC EVO 3D and you want to enjoy the convenience of unlocking your phone through swiping gestures, try the PGM – Ponury Gesture Mod app from the Android Market.

IMPORTANT: If you previously installed an earlier version of the app, you’ll need to uninstall it first, then reboot your device, and install the newest version from the Android Market.