Here’s a really useful app you might feel necessary for your smartphone: Smartr.

A while back, the app was already reviewed and downloaded by several Android and iOS users. However, they discovered that there was a monthly fee required for using the app. Thankfully, the developers of the app discovered that this is an inconvenience to many users. As a result, the app is now available for free on both platforms.

Smartr is actually an address book which collates information you have access to and blends them all together to create whole profiles for each one on your contacts list. Apart from looking at your address book, the app also gets data from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and LinkedIn to provide a complete profile for each person. This allows users to get the complete user information of their friends easily as well as have a chart on how frequently they communicate with them.

This is largely helpful for those who like to keep tabs on their friends all the time. Now that it’s free, will you be downloading the app and using it? Let us know in the comments section below.