As a smartphone user, you most probably find yourself with a dead battery on a regular basis. Sometimes, it might not even make it through the day. That is why you might get yourself one of those portable battery chargers that are available today.

However, the problem with this particular solution is that it involves a lot of cables and once connected, your phone isn’t portable anymore. Elizabeth Day is one of the many people that encountered this problem, but instead of ignoring it, she set to find a solution, together with her husband. The result of their efforts is Everpurse – a purse that will charge a phone whenever it’s inserted into it.

Drawing inspiration from a number of successful projects from the past year, the Days turned the Everpurse idea into a Kickstarter project, with a funding goal of $100,000. The project has already been covered by some newsworthy outlets, including Cnet, AllThingsD, PCMag, and the reason is quite obvious – the Everpurse just works.

The Everpurse phone charger is basically a purse with an insert for a smartphone. The insert is fitted with a charging dock that charges your phone whenever you put inside. To charge the purse itself, just place it on the bundled wireless charging mat. According to the Kickstarter page, the purse can provide enough energy to charge an iPhone twice.

There are two versions of the Everpurse, one in fabric and one in leather. The price for the charging solution starts at $129 for the fabric version and $159 for the leather version. As of date, the Everpurse is only available to iPhone devices, but support for popular Android devices such as the Galaxy S3 will be coming in a separate lineup.