In late January Evernote introduced handwritten note recognition to the beta version of its app, and today they are rolling the feature out to the stable version of the app as well. In short, the new feature allows you to use your finger or a stylus to scribble down quick notes. You can also choose from three different thickness options and four different colors.

While handwriting support is the biggest change here, it’s far from the only improvement. In addition to this, there’s editor improvements, note improvements and a faster camera that is said to be at least two times faster than before.

Here’s the full change-log, for those interested:

  • Handwriting
  • Write and sketch inside your notes!
  • Keep handwriting, text, photos, and files in the same note
  • Choose from several colors and line thicknesses
  • Editor improvements
  • New: Text highlighter
  • Better support for notes made on other platforms
  • Edit content in tables created on other platforms
  • Note improvements
  • Create a note link to quickly jump between notes
  • Duplicate a note
  • Better, Faster Camera

To grab the latest update, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. For those that have already downloaded, what do you think of the latest changes, impressed or not?

Andrew Grush
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