Buying a new phone or tablet can be exciting. Forking over another $50 or so for a new dock sometimes isn’t. Accessories can be hard to get hold of, and almost never translate to a new device, even a product upgrade. The team at FUZ has a great solution, though: Everdock, a dock that works with any mobile device.

Utilizing aircraft grade aluminum, FUZ has designed a dock that looks as great as it promises to work. The concept is simple, too: run the power cord under the device, and a holster holds the Micro USB or lightning connector in place. The EverDock also sticks to the surface you put it on via “micro-suction”, so it can literally go anywhere.

For those with multiple devices, there is also the EverDock duo, which — you guessed it — houses two devices. By supplying your own power source, it won’t matter if you have an iPad and Nexus, a Kindle and an iPhone, or any other combination of devices; EverDock doesn’t discriminate.

The team at FUZ is near their $50,000 goal, with 28 days to go. With options from $39 (single dock) to $299 ( six docks!), it’s hard not to back this campaign. The team is also teasing stretch goals, so keep an eye on the campaign for further news.