Euphoria hd

Omni System’s atmospheric real-time strategy (RTS) game for Android, Eufloria HD, is now available in the Play Store for download. The app, which first made an appearance in the Humble Bundle 4 for Android has been released in the store at a price of $4.99. The game features a plant-based art style, which makes it different from other titles available in the Play store featuring robots and zombies.

Eufloria HD features strategic gameplay that involves space exploration, plant growth, bio mechanical evolution, and conquest. Users have to conquer asteroids located in deep space and use their resources to grow and nurture plants and other creatures. The game is all about acquiring resources. Opponents in the game will try to take your resources, and you have to come up with a strategy to beat them.

Eufloria HD is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. The game features a story mode that boasts 25 levels with hours of gameplay. It also has a “Relaxed Mode” that brings a more ambient gameplay for more casual gamers. Users can also play Skirmish levels which allows them to play their favorite levels over and over again. There’s a ‘Dark Matter Mode’ as well that provides a more challenging way to play. Many levels in the game are made in such a way that they differ every time you play the game, shaping themselves according to how you play the game.

Eufloria HD features an original ambient soundtrack by Milieu that adds to the game’s atmosphere. A free demo version of Eufloria HD is available in the Play Store and the full version is available for $4.99.

Varun Raj
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