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The European Commission has been keen to bring down the costs of using your mobile phone across the continent, and today the next stage in its staggered plan to reduce fees comes in to effect.

The EU has already managed to reduce the costs of calls, SMS, and data, by over 80 percent since 2007, and these latest cuts mark another significant milestone for roaming charges, as data costs have now fallen another 36% percent compared with prices in 2012. What this means in terms of a monetary value is that EU companies cannot now charge EU citizens more than €0.45 per megabyte of data, compared with €0.70 last year.

Even better for consumers, this price will drop down to just €0.20 for each megabyte come next year, followed by plans to scrap data roaming charges altogether by the end of 2014.

The new rules also affect the price of calls and SMS messages too, which have been cut to just €0.24 a minute to place a call and only €0.07 a minute when receiving a call whilst abroad. Sending text messages has also dropped down a little bit as well, costing just €0.08 to send a message, a reduction of 11% compared with 2012. Again, these prices are set to fall next year, just like data costs will.

If you’d like an easy summary of the new costs, this handy chart shows you everything you need to know.

However, it is worth noting that none of the prices listed above include any local taxes, those will be added on by your network provider separately. Even so, this should work out to a pretty significant saving if you travel across the continent a lot. Now we’ll have to wait and see if the EU can address some of the other problems with the fragmented carrier market.

Robert Triggs
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