eTools Private Search review

What is eTools Private Search?

As we all know, search engines keep an eye on what we search on. Generally it’s for things like targeted advertising but that doesn’t really make anyone feel any better about it. It also probably hurts their case that some people search for things they’d rather not let anyone know about. eTools Private Search lets you search major engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc privately.

This can be a really nifty application. There are search engines out there that focus on things like privacy. However, let’s face facts. The word “Google” didn’t become a verb because it’s pretty. It happened because Google Search rocks. eTools Private Search lets you use it without Google knowing who you are. This occurs because all searches go through the app’s server which is located in Switzerland and the results run back through there and are displayed to you.

It is also a very simple application to use. You simply open it and search for anything. When you find what you want, use your own browser to open the links and that’s that. Think of it like the Google Search app before it became Google Now. Just open and search then close and forget. The only real knock against eTools is the interface. It’s quite bland and it won’t be winning any design awards.

The only other thing worth mentioning are the search settings. Aside from searching a number of engines, you can also change your country of origin, language, safe search filter, and others in the settings. There isn’t anything overly powerful there but if you need to filter out potentially offensive content or you want to search from a different country then you have that option.

eTools Private Search review

It works way better than it looks.


Search Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc without leaving a trace.
App is free to download with no in app purchases.
The app has search configurations such as changing your country or language.
Seems to be pretty stable. There are likely bugs but none that current users felt the need to complain about.
Great for privacy minded individuals.


The interface is very bland. It's not good or bad, just bland.
It may lack some more rich features of other search engines.

Bottom Line

Even though it’s a very simple application, it can still be quite the useful tool in your app drawer. Especially if you’re a privacy minded person who still wants to use sites like Google without leaving any traces. It’s free in the Google Play Store using the button below.

google play

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