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1. How we choose what to cover

Mobile technology is arguably one of the fastest changing industries in the world. With this in mind, we have a particular focus on the latest and greatest advancements that occur both in hardware and software form. Android has continued to improve with each and every iteration released, and the hardware that powers it is no exception. If we think our audience will be interested, then we will cover it!

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2. Integrity

We don’t sell Android phones or tablets, and maintain complete editorial independence in all the content we create, every day. We will never allow our editorial independence to be compromised or co opted by the desire to make money. We live to serve you, our reader with the best quality videos, editorials, reviews, opinion, and event coverage and would never do anything to compromise your trust in us!


3. Sources

Being that we are ‘Android Authority’, our primary focus is the Android OS, the many devices it powers, the apps that make it great, and all things mobile technology. We have a particular focus on breaking news, the latest hardware, the best apps, and in producing excellent video to provide our readership unparalleled coverage of all things Android. We often receive tips and leaks from insiders within the industry, and it is our policy to keep our sources identities completely confidential.


4. Commenting Guidelines

AndroidAuthority.com receives tens of thousands of comments per month, and, while we allow for anonymous commenting, we do check and review every comment.

We reserve the right to delete or modify specific comments if we perceive them to be inflammatory, offensive, hateful, sexist, or spam related. Personal attacks, whether directed towards commenters or Android Authority staff will not be tolerated.

We fully support and appreciate our commenters, and want to facilitate a positive culture. Repeat offenders will have their IP address blocked. We aspire to be a great place to engage other Android fans, so get commenting!


5. Review Units / Samples

While we make every effort to secure devices with our own money so we can provide you with high quality reviews in a timely fashion, it’s often that we receive devices from the manufacturers or PR agencies that represent them before we are able to actually buy the device. Please understand that we are often under embargo, meaning we agree not to publish any information on it until an agreed upon date and time.

We do not keep these devices, and often have to return them within a specific period of time. For the ones we are allowed to keep, we always give them away to you, our loyal reader.

Further to this, we are often solicited to review accessories, other devices powered by Android, and everything in between. We do our best to utilize our time effectively which means we can’t cover everything that we would like to.

If you want to have a specific product reviewed, then let us know via our contact us page.


5. Giveaways

We often partner with companies and other organizations to give stuff away to you, our dear readers. Said giveaways do not, in any way, constitute endorsement towards whatever company we are partnering with. All the guidelines for our giveaways are made clear, and must be followed in order for you to qualify as an entrant for said giveaway.


6. Advertising

Advertising is our primary source of revenue, and it gives us the resources necessary to provide you, our reader, with comprehensive and high quality coverage of all things Android. We will never accept payment for coverage. Our opinion is our own and is completely independent.

All editorial, pictures, and video created by Android Authority staff are based on our discretion, and are not, in any way shape or form affected by the advertisers we have on Android Authority. Any feature or area that contains an advertisement or sponsorship will clearly be marked as such.

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Our Promise to You

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