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Deal: Learn how to hack (ethically) for under $40

If you can help to beat the criminals by becoming an ethical hacker then the potential rewards are huge.
January 10, 2019
Ethical Hacker Training Bundle

Did you know that an ethical hacker can command a salary of $100,000 or more?

As more and more of our lives take place online, the need for security experts has risen faster than anyone could have anticipated. Multi-billion dollar companies are now finding themselves desperate for hacking experts. Even small businesses are contracting out novice white-hat hackers for sums you wouldn’t believe.

Over 12,000 people have already started training.

The good news for the industry is that this market is rapidly catching up with demand. Thousands of people with a modicum of technical acumen are realizing that all the tools they need to learn this career exist online, and they’re jumping into the money pool feet first.

These new hackers are slated to become tomorrow’s major security titans, and the best part for them is that many of them don’t even have to leave the house to work.

Where do I come in?

By becoming an ethical hacker, you can take on the bad guys and protect organizations from their attacks. To stop a hacker you have to think like a hacker, so you’ll need to learn the same skills that they use.

The Ethical Hacking A to Z Training Bundle is your armory. If you’ve found this deal in time, you can lock and load the whole eight-part bundle for just $39. Over 12,000 people have already enrolled.

Ethical Hacker Training Bundle

This learning kit is over 45 hours of premium online training. Industry experts lead you through interactive training courses using all the latest technologies.

You’ll master cybersecurity techniques such as analyzing malware, penetration testing, advanced persistent threats, threat intelligence research, reverse engineering, and much more.

You’ll even learn Kali Linux — one of the most widely-used tools for hacking Android devices.

The Ethical Hacker A to Z Training Bundle:

Right now you can get all of this training for just $39 — a 96 percent price drop on the retail price. Given the sheer volume of expert knowledge contained within, you can see why we think it’s a great deal.

Don’t let the hackers continue to manipulate the world. The offer expires soon, so sign up now. Hit the button below to find the deal.

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