Essential Phone review

Earlier this summer, there was an Essential Phone deal bundle which included an Essential Phone, the 360 camera, a carrying case for the camera, and a set of earbuds for $400. Well, that Essential Phone deal is back for Cyber Monday 2018 — and better than ever.

It’s better now because the bundle includes the same products but for less cash. In fact, the bundle is going for considerably less cash at only $329.

When you break down what you’re getting for $329, it’s absolutely an insane bargain:

  • Essential Phone in either Black Moon, Pure White, or Stellar Gray
  • 360 Camera for Essential Phone which snaps on to create 360-degree images
  • Protective case for the 360 Camera
  • Earphones HD which are earbuds with a USB Type-C connector

Even if you don’t care about the 360 camera, you’re still getting a terrific smartphone (running Android 9 Pie, no less) and a set of USB Type-C earbuds for less-than-half of what you’d pay for a 2018 flagship from most brands.

Although Essential is in a rough spot right now, don’t let that cloud the fact that the Essential Phone is still a great purchase. The phone is still getting frequent software updates and at this point is only a year old. For only $329, this deal is a no-brainer.

This is a Cyber Monday exclusive so it will only last for so long. Heed our advice and get on this deal now before its too late!

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